Khushi Baby | Ruchit Nagar

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IGHPE was delighted to talk to Dr. Ruchit Nagar, MPH, CEO of Khushi Baby and Medical Student at Harvard at the WISH Young Innovators 2018 forum in Doha, Qatar, in November 2018. Dr. Nagar spoke about the aims of the Khushi Baby platform and how he developed the idea to improve maternal and child health.

About Khushi Baby

Khushi Baby is an electronic patient health record platform that is wearable, digital, durable, battery free, culturally symbolic, and costs $0.70.

It is also a decision-making dashboard (on an android app) for health officials, which gives key information to help them set priorities and identify specific actions, including: supply side gaps, health worker performance and follow-up referrals for highest risk pregnancies and newborns.