Past Events:

Doha 2015

Innovations in Global Medical & Health Education

January 18, 2015 | Doha, Qatar


The Inaugural IGHPE Forum brought together global and regional experts to discuss the vision, opportunities and challenges for a range of innovative programs in global and regional health and medical education.

Speakers, poster presenters, moderators and discussants were drawn from organizations involved in medical education, assessment, licensing and program accreditation and are all engaged in endeavors that will help build international standards for the practice of medicine. The Forum also featured work conducted at Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar with multiple regional collaborators that highlighted improvements in education and training in a wide variety of settings in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Delegates were invited to participate in discussion on both evolutionary and disruptive innovations – initiatives that have the potential to move the thinking forward as well as those that have the capacity to transform healthcare professional education in the region and globally. Delegates were also invited to use the opportunity to identify new collaborative programs and partnerships that would continue to enhance medical education and improve global health.