Innovations in Global Health Professions Education (IGHPE) is a globally interconnected forum for the presentation and discussion of innovative concepts in all areas of health professions education, supported by Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar (WCM-Q).

We invite nurses, pharmacists, physicians and other health professionals to contribute to the platform. Beyond an impact on scholarship in global health professional education, publications on the platform will ultimately aim to deliver real, measurable improvements in healthcare outcomes for patients.


Our Mission

“The ultimate Mission of Innovations in Global Health Professions Education is to transform learning worldwide to improve health.” – Joint statement by IGHPE Editorial Board. 


Strategic Goals

  • Advance the science of learning in the health professions
  • Promote the implementation of innovation for sustainable improvement
  • Inspire and nurture communities of cross-cultural learners.


More information

Please feel free to print out our IGHPE Factsheet, or view the promotional video below. You can also contact us at info@innohealthed.com.