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Today, May 12, is International Nurses’ Day, a day on which we celebrate the birth of Florence Nightingale and recognize the integral role of nursing in healthcare.

To mark this day, we want to revisit some of our past content highlighting innovative work by nurses worldwide. This work covers a wide spectrum, from improvements in interprofessional education to practical tools that improve patient care.

The Importance of Interprofessional Education

Dr. Kim Critchley, formerly Dean of the University of Calgary in Qatar and now Deputy Minister of Health and Wellness in the Government of Prince Edward Island, Canada, facilitated a discussion among distinguished guests Dr. Barbara Brandt, Prof. Anne Marie Rafferty, and Dr. Stella Major on the future of interprofessional education.

Their wide-ranging discussion included: the future benefits of IPE and the role of teams in healthcare; the role of patients in IPE and interprofessional teams; how health professionals can address the public health needs of their communities; and the value of the humanities for health professionals, students, and their patients.

Podcast: The Importance of Interprofessional Education

Nurses working to improve patient care

IGHPE was delighted to speak to a number of nurses at the World Innovation Summit For Health (WISH) in 2018. These nurses are all working to improve health education and patient care.

Improving training in cannulation, venous access and IV

IGHPE spoke to Sarah Philips, who co-founded and leads VeinTrain, a company focused on delivering training in cannulation, venous access and IV delivery.

When problems happen with cannulation and venous access, they can be severe. Failure rates of cannulas are high. VeinTrain was built and developed to offer high quality, good value training, education, and standardization to this area of healthcare.

You can learn more about Sarah’s work and the development of VeinTrain at the link below:

Podcast: Vein Train

Breaking down communication barriers

Young Innovators 2018 award winners Dalal Al Sharshani and Munira Aden, working as nurses in Sidra Medicine and Hamad Medical Corporation respectively, about their iCommunicate system, which they developed while they were students in Qatar.

iCOMMUNICATE uses cards with Arabic and English words written on them to help patients communicate across language barriers. Aden and Al Sharshani, both studying a Master of Science in genomics and precision medicine at Hamad Bin Khalifa University, developed their idea during a module on entrepreneurship offered as part of their master’s program.

You can learn more about the work of these inspirational young nurses by listening below:


Other Links

There is lots of information available on International Nurses Day here:

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