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Dr. Alan S. Weber joins our podcast to talk about the book he recently co-edited: E-learning in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region [1], which provides the first comprehensive coverage of the “history, development, and current and future practices of e-learning” throughout the area. He also discusses some possible roles for elearning in medical professional education, and how medical professionals can contribute to the availability of public health information, for instance by addressing the great shortage of  evidence-based consumer health information in Arabic – even in the predominantly Arab-speaking MENA region.[2]

Dr. Weber is a Professor of English at Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar, where he teaches the pre-medical Writing Seminar. After receiving a PhD from Binghamton University in 1996, he went on to teach literature, writing, and the history of science and medicine at Cornell University in Ithaca, Pennsylvania State University, and Elmira College. Dr. Weber’s research interests are equally varied, ranging from Shakespeare, language and history to the social and cultural dimensions of science and medicine. He is the editor of 19th century science: an anthology [3], and Because it’s there: a celebration of mountaineering from 200 B.C. to today [4], and has published papers on 17th century medicine, Shakespeare, bioethics and Arabian Gulf education.


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