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More podcasts from the IGHPE Shanghai 2017 Conference are now available on our Audio & Video page:

M. Brownell (Brownie) Anderson

Ms. Anderson is Vice President for International Programs at the National Board of Medical Examiners in the USA, serves on the editorial board of Academic Medicine, and is editor of the “Really Good Stuff” collection in the journal Medical Teacher. She describes her work with the NBME and the creation of a certification program for “health coaches” in China, and considers likely future developments in medical education, based on her experience editing “Really Good Stuff”.

Dr. Joshua Landy

Dr. Landy, co-founder of Figure 1, the image-sharing social network for doctors, talks about its creation and shares his thoughts on the growing role of social media in the professional activities of health professionals. Dr. Landy also discusses how health professionals can make the most of their innovative ideas.

Dr. Nadine Haram

Dr. Haram is co-founder of Proximie, an “augmented reality system” that allows doctors to assist in an operation without being physically present. Dr. Haram discusses potential future roles of augmented reality systems and other technological developments in medical practice and training for the global health professional

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