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IGHPE’s Third Annual Conference in Shanghai, China examined the theme of “Innovative Strategies for Developing the Future Healthcare Workforce.” Podcasts from IGHPE Shanghai 2017, featuring interviews with speakers engaged in healthcare education in China or technological innovations in medical education, are now available on the IGHPE Audio & Video page:

Professor Chak-Sing Lau

Professor Lau, President of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine discusses medical education in Hong Kong – its development, unique features, and recent innovations. As China seeks to standardize its healthcare education at undergraduate, graduate and professional levels, Dr Lau shares Hong Kong’s experiences.

Mr. Shiv Gaglani

Mr. Gaglani, is the Co-founder and CEO of Osmosis. He discusses the educational philosophy of, the online learning platform for medical students. He shares some of the innovations incorporated into the design of the platform and some of his thoughts on the future of medical education.

Ms. Karen Burdick

Ms. Burdick is Director of Curriculum Development at GRS Academy, the training arm of Genesis Rehab Services. She describes her work in China, leading a team of expert therapists and instructional experts to train Chinese rehabilitation professionals in Western techniques and theory, and discusses the differences between Western and Chinese approaches to rehabilitation.

Professor Ducksun Ahn

Professor Ahn, Vice President of the World Federation for Medical Education, discusses the development of medical education in South Korea. Along the way, he provides an insight into the many challenges of medical school accreditation and the standardization of medical training.

More podcasts from IGHPE Shanghai 2017 will become available soon, while video recordings of the conference presentations (with both English and Chinese translations) will appear soon on IGHPE’s Shanghai 2017 events page.

We hope you enjoy these recordings!