Embracing Wikipedia for teaching and learning

Bringing two communities to create a course for medical students to earn academic credit for improving Wikipedia.


Dr. Nadine Haram describes Proximie, an “augmented reality system” that allows doctors to assist in an operation without being physically present, and discusses the potential roles for such technology.

IGHPE: A New Forum to Lead Health Professional Education

Welcome to Innovations in Global Health Professions Education (IGHPE), an international, peer-reviewed, open access publication.

GRS Academy in China

GRS Academy, the training arm of Genesis Rehabilitation Services: its work in rehabilitation training in China, and differences encountered between Western and Chinese attitudes to rehabilitation.

Learning through Osmosis: A Collaborative Platform for Medical Education

Formative assessment has been shown to improve medical student performance and retention, but many learners lack access to formative assessments because faculty members have limited time to create such resources, and acquiring existing commercial review banks is expensive. In response, we developed a collaborative learning platform for medical student self-assessment […]

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The role of global bioethics in medical pedagogy

The study of global biomedical ethics warrants the attention, scholarship, and commitment afforded to the study of general medical ethics. While it is difficult to precisely define the field, it basically comprises the ethical provision...

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Open Osmosis: Library of Open Educational Resources (OER) for Medical Education

Many resources currently available for graduate and undergraduate medical education are fragmented, difficult to access, and costly. Osmosis, a web- and mobile-based platform, was developed to create a shared and easily accessible repository of curated...

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Figure 1

Dr. Joshua Landy talks about the creation of Figure 1, a social network for doctors, and discusses the growing role of social media in the professional activities of health professionals.

Telemedicine in Emergency Care | Dr. Guenevere Burke

Dr. Guenevere Burke, Assistant Professor at George Washington University in Washington, DC, talks about her work in the Emergency Medicine Innovative Practice Group developing telemedicine and emergency care. She notes that telemedicine is not actually...

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Wiki-editing for teaching medical students

"Wiki-editing" is the writing and editing of Wikipedia pages. The fact that almost anyone can edit a Wikipedia page is one of the criticisms often aimed at the giant online encyclopedia. In IGHPE’s latest paper,...

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More podcasts from IGHPE Shanghai 2017

More podcasts from the IGHPE Shanghai 2017 Conference are now available on our Audio & Video page: M. Brownell (Brownie) Anderson Ms. Anderson is Vice President for International Programs at the National Board of Medical Examiners...

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