Kathryn Hannah at IGHPE 2018 in Kuala Lumpur

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Dr. Kathryn Hannah is a nurse and a senior health informatics consultant specializing in information management in health environments. Currently, Dr. Hannah is Health Informatics Advisor to the Canadian Nurses Association and Executive Project Leader of the Canadian Health Outcomes for Better Information and Care (C-HOBIC) project. She also serves as a member of the Senior Advisors Panel for the Office of the Auditor General in the Province of Alberta, and as Adjunct Professor at the University of Victoria’s School of Nursing in Victoria, British Columbia. In May 2016, Dr. Hannah was awarded the Order of Canada, the country’s highest civilian honor, in recognition of her “pioneering efforts to promote the use of information technology to enhance nursing and health care in Canada and abroad.” In this podcast, recorded at the IGHPE 2018 meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Dr. Hannah discusses the importance of data standards in the practice of nursing, and the value of health informatics literacy among nurses.